Sunday, September 30, 2012

In the studio ~ behind the scenes

A glimpse into my studio,  a couple weeks ago.....  

Lots going on.
Several works in progress & an array of portraits painted and drawn over the past several months for JKPP. These are ones that I thought would translate well into mosaics.

 I had already envisioned the small black & white portrait in stone, so I got to work on her straight away.  

Hammer & hardie ready to go....
I chop chopped me some stone! 

Completed and framed a few days ago 

"Girl with the Polkadot Scarf"

8" x 8" framed
stone & smalti

~ I love her!

Here's a peek at the one I'm working on now ...... Can you tell from the eye, which one?

who will be next...... ?
stay tuned.


  1. you've certainly got me interested to find out who's the next mosaic portrait! wonderful to see inside the studio and find out what's going on in gila land x

  2. Gila, you've a right to love this, it's fantastic! I love it too.
    No idea who the next one will be though :(