Sunday, September 30, 2012

In the studio ~ behind the scenes

A glimpse into my studio,  a couple weeks ago.....  

Lots going on.
Several works in progress & an array of portraits painted and drawn over the past several months for JKPP. These are ones that I thought would translate well into mosaics.

 I had already envisioned the small black & white portrait in stone, so I got to work on her straight away.  

Hammer & hardie ready to go....
I chop chopped me some stone! 

Completed and framed a few days ago 

"Girl with the Polkadot Scarf"

8" x 8" framed
stone & smalti

~ I love her!

Here's a peek at the one I'm working on now ...... Can you tell from the eye, which one?

who will be next...... ?
stay tuned.