Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julia Kay ~ Host of JKPP!

"Julia Kay's Portrait Party", aka JKPP has been a driving force in my creative life since March 2010.  The party is an international group of artists creating portraits of each other.   This week the group reached 25,000 portraits!

I've done 650 portraits since joining the party, with 20+ portraits of our spectacular host ~  Julia Kay

Here are just a few of those ~

Julia, Out of the Blue

My 1st portrait of Julia was a Mosaic

Imagine that!!!

Julia & Her Shadow

Colored pencil on black paper

Non-dominant hand

One of the many wonderful things about the party is the opportunity to experiment freely in a fun & supportive environment!

& this one, done on a pocket (3" x 2.25") Etch-A-Sketch
prior to their recent rebirth in political news!
Julia,  Room with a Chair

My latest Julia portrait, but surely not the last!
Julia, Seeker of Light

Still fascinated by portraiture, JKPP remains a driving force ~ thanks to Julia & everyone involved.   It's been amazing to watch us grow from 14, when I first joined, to the current 734 members!  

Many more portraits to come!


  1. Thanks for choosing me to frame your post about JKPP - and thanks for all your fabulous portraits. You're one of our top 5 contributors!